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The local community college offers a Baking and Pastry Arts program. A certificate of completion will be awarded upon successful completion of all core requirements and general education requirements.

I have been baking since last September and really enjoy it.  Everyone who tries my baked goods thinks it is the best they ahve had.  I am a grandma but was thinking of taking this course if, for no other reason, than self-enrichment.

My husband feels it will be too tiring for me as I have a husband, household duties and 2 pugs who require a lot of my attention.  

Any opinions would be appreciated

Thank you :)
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MissyJean, what, exactly, do you hope to learn/accomplish by taking that course?

If it's merely to expand your knowledge of baking, and to learn new recipes and approaches, I would think there are other ways, such as baking classes separate from what amounts to being a degree course.

I'd start by checking the school's adult education offerings to see what's available.
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I was thinking of returning to college when I saw the school offered the baking course. You are right..I should look for something geared more to the home baker not interested in a career.

Thank you. I respect your opinion, as always, and will look for other options /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif
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