Baking a ham

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I have been baking hams for many years and have always mixed Dijon mustard brown surgesmothered all over the ham after I make a dimond cut on it first then elevate it ona rack put a little bit of water in the pan cover it with tin foil pok holes in the tin foil so some of the steam can escape I use the hind quarter very flavor full bake it for about two hours then make a sauce of honey orange juice Coca Cola raisins and the drippings from the ham add a little bit of corn starc h and water to the sauce take tin foil off and glaze the ham about every 20 minutes until it has a nice glaze on it and use the rest of the sauce for the ham after slicing it
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Should I baste the ham with its juices and how often should it be basted? Bought a 10 lb. ham. Instructions say to heat 15 minutes per pound. I'm going to put it in a large disposable pan. Should about an inch of water be put in?

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