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I was just curious, comparing pampered chef vs tupperware vs stoneware/earthenware vs corningware, which one do you think is best. am looking for something durable, obviously. I've had the s0-called non-stick metal pans, and the pain has scratched off and is quite dangerous to me.

I have some pyrex dishes that are very trusty in my opinion. My only gripe is that they don't fit well inside each other or stack well. especially since they come from different eras and stuff. but other than that, they are very trusty for baking quiche, pies, that kind of stuff.

any other ideas?


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I'm a fan of the silicone bakeware personally. Not good for all baking where a  rigid form is important, but they work well, clean easily and store/weigh nothing.
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okay, I might need something with more rigidity personally, but thanx for mentioning it anyways.

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