bakery-style kings cake

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:confused: Question???
I am looking for the recipe for kings cake (galette des rois)
NOT one made from puff pastry, they only make this one out in Quebec between x-mas and Jan10. I haven't had one in six years and all the recipes on the net give you the puff pastry one.
If anyone can help me out: a link, a recipe, a name for this one i'm looking for. It would be great. Thanks
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Here's one from Snoop around there a bit and you may get lucky.

Did you try entering that in search engine? You might also nip over to one of the pastry/baking forums on this board and connect with a baker or pastry chef who could answer your question.

Good luck with your search! By the way, why not stop by in the Welcome Forum and introduce yourself. Welcome to the Cafe.

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