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I need some advice from other pastry/food professionals on the importance of a distinct name.

Here's the dilemna: I am in the process of planning my bakery which will hopefully open this fall if everything goes according to plan. I had chosen the name "BUTTER" in all caps with "a bakery" in small handwritten script beneath it a couple years ago and have been writing a food blog under the name Butter for over a year. So for the past 2+ years I have envisioned this name, have designed a logo, etc. and feel it has become synonymous with what my bakery will be. A month or so ago a little retail cupcake storefront opened up on the same block, just a few doors down from my location-to-be. The name of the cupcake shop is Butter Cream Cupcakery.

Herein lies my question. How much of an effect is this going to have on either business to be in such close physical proximity and have names that contain the same key word? Is it going to be detrimental for me to continue with my chosen name and brand since I will be the newer kid on the block? Or is it wise to go with my first choice in name and brand regardless of this happenstance? It feels like such a personal and major thing to think about changing the name at this point; it feels like starting at square one.

The reason I chose the name BUTTER is simplicity.I really like the idea of a one-word-name and butter is one of the most basic ingredients in baking and pastry. It is the cornerstone. I am aware of a restaurant and a clothing boutique in NYC both also named Butter. I will be located in CO and am unaware of any naming right infringements at this point.

Thanks for reading and please share any thoughts you have.
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there's no reason to not keep your name. Butter and ButterCream are two different things. I'd think if you were right next t each other that may be a little hard to keep a separated identity but otherwise other new stores may just take a "butter" name and the town will start to unofficially think of it as Butter Street.


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I would just go ahead, cupcake shops are already blase' they will go out of business soon enough and you will be fine.

I do like the name though. "its like buttah". LOL.

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