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I am working on my business plan for an idependently owned and operated retail bakery and am trying to find information on gross pastry sales in order to complete my financial outlook. My space is about 1700 square feet and I will be selling pastries as well as coffee drinks and tea. We will have seating for 24-30. I will be offering items such as scones, croissants, coffeecake, tea bread, brownies, bars, assorted "everyday" and specialty cakes, dessert items such as custards and eclairs, cookies, etc. I would greatly appreciate any information you can share if you have a similar business including size of your facility, population for your town, products you provide, etc.

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Basically, three little words:

Wholesale accounts

Wholesale accounts

Wholesale accounts

Walk-ins are nice, but you can't depend on it for bread and butter.  Your success will depend on wholesales--to cafe's, hotels, clubs, restaurants, B & B's, and if you're clever, even some retail places.

IF you have high pedestrian traffic, then keep the 30 seats, but if not, I would cut down your seating to 15-18 or whatever your municipality declares is maximum for one washroom.

Average guest cheque for a walk-in is around $5.00- $8.00.  For this you will need the FOH equipment and infrastructue, as well as a minimum of one dedicated staff,  and competition for this market is tough. 

In many scenerios  I have seen personally,  a bakery will either:  Max out the FOH with soups, sandwiches, light meals and savoury take-aways, OR delve into catering, OR drop the FOH alltogether and focus on whoesale and pre-orders (b-day cakes, etc)

Your market will determine the shape of your business.  Never force your concept of your business on the market unless you have very deep pockets and are very stubborn.....
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