Bakers Dozen Cookbook?

Joined Jan 26, 2001

I noticed on the Good Cook cookbook club that next month's selection is the Baker's Dozen cookbook. I had read several posts from you all about how great the Baker's Dozen is, and I wondered if you had seen the actual cookbook, and if so what you think?

I am probably going to neglect to send my card back in, just to see the book....

Joined Aug 14, 2000
I have it and like it a lot. Recipes are the product of mre than 10 years of discussions among the members. My only gripe is the lack of weights in the recipes. I read in another thread that the publisher vetoed including them.
Joined Mar 4, 2000
It's got all the basics. As a pro, I find it too elementary, but it's a great book for a non-pro.
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