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    Hi Chef Talk members,

    I am a passionate cake decorating lover and studying to be a professional Baker-Confectioner some day. My Major is Confectioner related studies, but I love baking as well. I have studied it over one year already (by hard work for twelve months, no theory at all), but now taking a well deserved break bacause of my small foster kids. I was fortunate to work at the best Patissiere here in Finland. You bet it was difficult to start with total zero of experience! And everything done with under great pressure. Well, I loved it. I must be crazy, but I can ensure you it was THE BEST way to learn. I failed numerous times, but after 10 months of making hard work even 18,5h per day I was able to accomplish many jobs as a pro. It was well worth of all pain and tears! Now I have had vouple of months rest from studying. But when the time is ripe I will continue. During that time, while walting to be able to start studying cake decorating again, I try to develod my skills better while taking care of our foster kids at the same time. Yes I know it's slow but I am happy even with the smallest steps that are taking me to develop even little further. I live in Finland, Scandinavia, near the City of Helsinki and yes I am a Finn. I lived 4 months in College Park, Maryland, USA during my early years with my husband, so I still like to read and write in English. Even think in English ;). The Finnish Cake art is not enough for me, so I was more than happy to find this forum. I am actively participating other forums also, since the interactivity with other passionates like me, gives enormous amount of experience. When trying and failing and trying again and failing it's vital to have help and advice from others. Other wise I would just let it be or fail again. That makes forums like these so vital.

    Yours sincerely, Tirrikka (little one)
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    Tirrikka, welcome to Cheftalk!

    We have had a couple of new members from Finland register recently, so our global membership is growing - I'm Scottish and we have people from all over the globe.

    Feel free to join on any thread you find interesting, or start your own in the relevant forum.  There is a specific forum for culinary students where you will get support from others in your situation as well as some of the chef-tutors on the site - all ready to give advice to students, too.

    The wikis, blogs, reviews, articles and photography are all well worth spending time to view - the photographs especially offer some great inspiration. There are three professional fora on the site which are read-only for those of us not currently employed in a culinary capacity, but also make interesting reading.

    You are certainly leading a very hectic life at the moment, by the sounds of it.  I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.