Bakefail becomes Trifle

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I should have known better. A NY style cheesecake baked in a 9 x 11 non-spring form pan without using a parchment liner would not work. I would say this to anyone. Yet I did it. Plus, I used too much crust. Worse, I left assembly to the last minute.

I meant to add fresh mint leaves and piped whipped cream to decorate, but making/chilling the fresh berry compote took up all my time. Not so pretty, but yummy. Whew! Disaster averted; lesson learned.

Sort of... This was kind of fun!

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I would call it ‘deconstructed’ or ‘cheesecake parfait’ rather than ‘trifle’... but looks good to me. Good save!
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Hi drirene!

If you have leftovers, you have actually completed a correct step 1. for cheesecake pops. Scoop, roll into ball, insert stick, and chill/freeze. Remove, dip in white/dark/milk chocolate/couverture and roll in toasted nuts, coconut, etc. (If you want to present using florist foam, cover the foam with foil and pre-poke the holes for quick service and grab some food safe green stuff from the yard to fill in.)

As for fruit compotes or fruit sauces, I started my career following recipes but then I changed my mind. It was Blueberry Cheesecake that happened. Some of the best Michigan Blueberries I have ever had, made into a compote. Yes, it was still delicious but a little heartbreaking because that amazing flavor was gone... I like the fresh flavor too much to lose it by cooking them. Puree 30-40% of the fruit and add the remaining fruit pieces just before serving. That is how you would get my version of Strawberry Shortcake. Plenty of juice and the visual of those beautiful strawberries.

It was your mention of "chilling". If you had less than half the amount to chill, it would have taken half the time to cool. If all I had was frozen fruit, I might do the cooked compote too.

So many variables for fruit sauces. If the main puree is too thin, you can add a high fiber fruit puree like mango (need to strain this) or banana. If too thick, thin with a flavored liquid like an alcohol product or a concentrated infusion like a TBS of dried Rosemary or any herb/spice in 1/4 C hot water. Fresh Lemon juice always brightens the flavor to give the illusion of fresher tasting also.

You are such a supportive person that I felt compelled to offer my experience/opinion hoping you might find something useful. (I'm a wannabe Pastry Chef also!)

A Halloween dessert I did 20 years ago. Break the blown sugar Crystal ball to get to the Mocha Bavarois... Sloppy execution, but fun for the guests...

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Brianshaw, You made my day! I'm delighted to have made something "deconstructed!" Very sophisticated; far cooler than a trifle.

Sgmchef, I love the idea of leaving half of the fresh berries uncooked. I use yummy fresh berries and always add lemon juice and lemon peel - even a little salt. I can't wait to try your version of compote! And the pops sound like fun for the next cheesecake I mess up. Who knew? Thanks!
Your crystal ball dessert was ahead of its time. We've got a couple places in town that serve booze in a giant ice ball like your sugar ball. You have to break it so it mixes with the rest of the drink.
Thanks for the kind words too. *blush*

Chefs, I appreciate your input lots. Thanks!
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