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So I have a work party this week and was going to make Baked Ziti. We don't have any kind of ovens at work to heat it up so my question is this. I know there are recipes that say you can cook it in a crock pot but I'm kind of nervous of trying it. If I make it in the oven the night before and put it in the fridge over night can I put it in a crockpot the next morning to heat it up in time for the lunch party?


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Actually baked ziti should work very well in the crock pot you should not worry. I would probably make the baked ziti but wait to put the cheese on till I put it in the crock pot and let the cheese melt that way.
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Yeah, I know it's suppose to work well but I'd rather try that at home for a first time haha. So you think if I cook it without the cheese in the oven let it sit in fridge over night. Morning I get to work i'll throw it on low and then put the cheese should melt and be good by 12oclock lunch time? Thanks for the reply also
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How are you going to tackle yours? Are you going to try in the crockpot from the beginning or do like I'm going to do and bake in oven and then heat up and melt cheese the day of in the crockpot?
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Cook the noodles al dente and layer in a crock pot starting with some tomato sauce. Then layer the Ziti noodles, meat sauce and Mozzarella layer up the crock pot like your layering lasagna. When your making Baked Ziti everything is cooked it just needs to melt the cheese throughout the dish. It just takes a bit of time because it so dense. In other words it really would take just as long to make it from scratch as it would to reheat it.
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Hopefully you have one of those rectangular crock pots. chefbillyb chefbillyb is right on though I have never attempted making baked ziti in a crock pot. When I serve baked ziti it is a "slice", not something scooped out of a pan like some places serve it as well as lasagna. I find that it takes some top heat to melt the mozzarella so at the end I uncover it in the oven and sometimes put it under the broiler or salamander for a minute or two to give it that golden brown look around the edges. In some ways it's like making a pizza. Then you let it cool some so you can slice it up. So I don't know how this is going to work with a crock pot.

Are you going to bring the crock pot to work and let cook there?

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