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Hi wonderful world of Chef Talk!

I have a question for all you salmon-roasting pro's. I tried a recipe today for baking salmon (first time for the recipe, first time roasting salmon as well!) and had a question about something that went right, or wrong, which I hope that you'll tell me.

The recipe called for baking the salmon for 12m at 400(f), then finishing it with 2m under the broiler. The recipe instructed me line a baking pan with aluminum foil and then lightly oil that, both of which I did. I then put the salmon on top (with cuts in the skin to make it more crispy) and let the oven do its work. However, after 7m, I noticed that I started to smell burning and it looked like all the olive oil that was not directly under the salmon burned and was smoking heavily. Is this normal? The salmon did not taste bitter or burned, but I lost a good chunk of the skin. That being said, the skin that I was able to save did taste delicious!

Soooo, my question is - did I do something wrong technique wise (too much oil, wrong pan, etc.) or is this something that is normal when roasting salmon?

Many thanks for any input you guys can offer!
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Olive oil has a low smoke point but that long under the broiler will make just about anything a tad toasty depending on how close to the heat source it is placed.
Make a bed of lemon slices and spring onions (sliced sweet yellows will work as well) or use a grill rack with a flavorful broth in the pan section.
Oil the fish and keep an eye on it...times in recipes should be a guideline not written in stone.

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Sorry I read 7 min and that stuck with me.
Just keep a close eye on it.
Cooking times and temps will change according to the size and thickness of the fish.

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[h5]I  use a cajun seasoning on a skin on filet. Then cook skin side up in olive oil in a skillet. After about a minute or so getting a bit blackened in the pan I put it in the one skin side down, flesh side up for about 12 minutes at 400 degrees.....The oil never burns. [/h5]
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daaaaaamn.. that's nice looking salmon you got there ChefBillyB.

I do skin on salmon steaks opposite to your method, by pan fry skin side down to crisp the skin, then flip and finish with oven proofing, and serving skin side up... either way works.

for oil as I mentioned in another thread is that pomace is the type of olive oil suited for cooking, but canola will give just as good a product for fraction of the price.

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