Baked Red Beets, sweet potatos & Zucchini chips

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    Hello All,

    It's been a while since I posted. So I have some questions to throw out there.

    I'm learning to bake beet chip, sweet potato & Zucchini chips.  I saw a recipe on the doctors show that cooks the red beets for 10min in distilled vinegar & water & drain, than you can either bake them or deep fry them.

    I have reviewed other recipes that just bake in a little EVOO & seasoning. 

    Another recipe people are doing is making them in the microwave oven.  for several minutes keeping an eye on them.  I use to have a dehydrator but I was not happy with any of the end products.  Also, I (had) a convection oven, that would have been the perfect solution.

    So my two questions are: 

    1. Is there a way to help minimize the shrinkage during or before baking of the veggie chips?

    2. Is there any one recipe that COULD be better than another?   So far, I have tried two different ways, with oil & without oil.  My next option is to try the Microwave oven. 

    Does anyone have kind of a full proof way of making these awesome veggie chips?

    Thank you,