Baked Potatoes: Mass Quantities

Discussion in 'Food & Cooking' started by davescott, Apr 26, 2005.

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    I agreed (regretting now) to feed around 200 people at our church this Wednesday night. We'll have a baked potatoe meal with a few other things.

    My question is should I bake a large amount of these potatoes?

    Our church has two Viking gas ovens (not sure on the size, but there are six gas burners above each oven).

    Should I foil each of them? Stack them up? Maximum height? Really, any advice out there would be greatly appreciated.

    OH, we also have a few warming units that can hold quite a few spuds.

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    Hey oh

    NOT that I have ever done this.... but.

    1. No tinfoil. You want baked and not steamed tatters.

    2. cooling racks, lots of cooling racks.

    layer of tatters, spaced, cooling rack, layer of tatters spaced and staggered from the layer under it, cooling rack...... and stack to the height of the oven. Use all the space in the ovens that you can. 400 for about an hour or so I'd guess.... certainly done when fork tender.

    OH CR P! Forgot the issue of weight tottally!! You will also need something to keep the racks appart other than the tatters themselves cause they'd crush themselves as they cook!!!!
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    what kinda equipment do ya got? sheet-pan wise?

    If you have an infinite amount of Sheet-pans (ie 10 is good), then no prob.

    However, although I have done this, the disclaimer still applies (don't know what will happen when YOU do it).

    double stack your sheet pans (that is, 2-ply) and put about 30 potatoes on top of these two-ply sheet pans. [that's one-layer, about 30 pots. per 2-ply sheet pan].

    It takes approx. 40-60 minutes for an industrial Vikinig Range oven Pre-heated to 450 (no less), in order to cook 30-60 washed baking (idaho) potatoes until done. [you may have to turn them ONCE so keep this in mind].

    Begin cooking the potatoes in time to have about 60-80 out and ready by the time you need them. [about two, three pans conveniently staggered at about 15-20 min. each should do it]. Follow with the other one or two in that time frame. And don't forget, always cook about 1.25 potatoes per person so's that no one gets a rotten one (that always spoils the party).

    hope this helps......

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    sheetpan em on paper-if you have. Pop em into a hotbox to hold.

    Make sure you check the papas in the center of the sheet for doneness before pulling....;)
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    And don't forget to pierce them before baking!!!! :eek:
  6. beefcheeks


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    Here's what I would do:

    1. Select out 200 or so potatoes of even size, carefully checking for rotting
    and cracking

    2. Place potatoes in 6 full sheet pans (lined). Approx. 30-33 for each pan.
    Your ovens should be able to fit 3 pans each.

    3. I like to brush a little oil over each potato. This ensures an even brown
    color. The oil will work it's way around the whole potato as it bakes.

    4. Place pans in a preheated 400 degree oven, and bake for 30-40 minutes.

    5. Shuffle pans in this order: middle to top, top to bottom, bottom to middle.
    Bake for another 30 minutes.

    6. Pierce the middle potato of the middle pan with a wooden skewer or paring
    knife. If it goes in easily, it's done. If not, cook another 15 minutes and
    check again for doneness.

    7. Slit potatoes, pan and serve (or hold).

    That's it! Fool proof bakers made simple. You could wrap each in foil at this time. It's a good idea if you're not using chafing pans out on the buffet line. Otherwise not neccessary. Piercing before cooking also not necessary, especially with this quantity. It's easier to cook a little extra than piercing to inhibit bursting or cracking taters.

    One last note... if this is a side dish, you could get by with far less potatoes. If it's an entree, stick with the gameplan.