baked brie in an interesting way?

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I'm having a big christmas party on wednesday.

Despite my great efforts and interesting and complex recipes, the things people like most are the roast turkey (yeah, weird isn;t it - they think the easiest thing is the most amazing - nobody does a whole turkey here) and the baked bries and camemberts in puff pastry. (I don;t make the puff pastry myself in this case since i'm doing a lot of cooking - i buy it frozen).

I've come up with a couple of interesting variations to be spread on top before wrapping:
caramelized onion and dried cranberry;
Caramelized onion and apples.

However I wanted to make more of these since they go right away and are so easy to make. I'm hoping for some feedback

Question 1 - honey-caramelized nuts?
There's a trend now here to serve honey with cheeses, especially with sharp or smelly cheese like gorgonzola.

I wondered if I could caramelize some walnuts and, since someone is allergic to nuts, some pistachios, in greek honey and spread on top.

I was thinking like they make nut brittle, but with honey boiled down to a hard crack stage, then toss the nuts in it. It would then be more nuts (or pistachios) than honey
Can you do that with honey? does this make any sense? Should I just put nuts and honey on top?

question 2 - can you do gorgonzola?
Once i tried to make this with a piece of brie, and the brie melted all over the place and oozed completely out of the pastry. I realized the skin of the brie kept it in place so i make only whole bries and camemberts this way.

But maybe there is a way? When i did it i wrapped the brie piece in puff pastry and sealed with egg, but then turned it over and put the seams down so the top would be smooth and i could paste little leaves on it. Gorgonzola comes in chunks and I thought gorgonzola would be wonderful in this, but then will it melt out?

What if i made a little basket of puff pastry, laying the gorgonzola and honey or whatever on top of the sheet of pastry with plenty to spare, then pulled up the sides and gathered them on top so they sort of stick up, but squeezed together? I know you can use phillo pastry, but that is next to impossible to find here. I would imagine if it melted it would remain in this little basket. Then I'd serve warm not hot.
The idea of warm gorgonzola with nuts and honey is very appealing and is making my mouth water even as I write and it's not even 9AM!

Help me figure this out!
thanks, as always,
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I'm not sure i can answer your questions to a degree that would suffice so I am going to give you a baked brie recipe that our family loves.

You will need to purchase:
1 brie wheel with skin
1 Pillsbury (or the equivalent) croissant pastry roll
1 jar peach preserves (or any other favorite)

Simply place the croissant pastry rolls over the brie wheel until it is compltely covered. Then cook in an oven according to the pastry directions on the wrapping. When taken out of the oven pour the preserves over the pastry and serve warm with wheat thin crackers. I promies everyone will love this!
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Something sweet and simple, brie in puff pastry with brown sugar and honey on top of the brie layer and a little sprinkle on the pastry. I'm not a sweets person but this has me hooked. Very tasty and easy.
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Thanks for your suggestions.
I wanted to know two specific things though,

1. can i caramelize honey like you do sugar, and will it be good? has anyone done it?

2. can i do gorgonzola in a sort of basket of puff pastry with sides pulled up and tightened on top - will it make a soggy mess? will it hold? will it taste good?

I have no time to experiment, cooking too many things. Hoping someone has tried one or the other

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