Bahamian newbee here...

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Hello Chef Talk Forum Members,

Thanks for letting me join your discussion/info message board. I am an 8th generation Bahamian who likes to cook at home mostly for just my family. I was searching for info on Broccoli when I found your website. I felt at home right away, we have a similar board here - we answer questions from potential & repeat visitors & discuss local issues. I look forward to some professional advice with my cooking as well as sharing my local recipies/talents with you! Cheers!

Captain Plug.
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Hello Captain Plug and welcome to ChefTalk.

We do have some members here from the Caribbean, and hope you will add your perspectives to the mix, too. What would you say is your favorite ingredient or dish from your culture?

Have a look around the site; don't miss the cooking articles, photo gallery or other features here. If you use the search tool, it'll get you started on sifting through a decade's worth of great discussions.

We hope you visit and contribute often.

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