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Hi.. guys im a culinary student in the Philippines.. we are asked to make canapes.. I am really confused what to make.. and what ingredients im going to use.. i want to make it simple but delicious.. thus anyone.. willing to give me some recipes.. i prefer bread canapes.. or any.. please.. your suggestions are greatly appreciated....
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Oh, Lord, the possibilties are endless. Canapes are, at base, any finger food that can be eaten in one or two bites.

Can you tell us some of the ingredients you have at hand? And why you prefer "bread" canapes when there are so many other, more interesting, approaches? And, most important, how much prep time you'll have.

I do a canape version of Kentucky Hot Browns that might fit your needs. Do you have access to poached chicken or turkey (in this application, chicken or turkey roll actually works better)? If so, I'll be happy to share the recipe.

Seems to me, though, that a creative use of local ingredients would make more sense. One thing to consider: Take a favorite main course and figure a way to scale it down so it sits on a toast round, of fits on a toothpick, or otherwise fits the canape mold.
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While I think of it, there are many ways to use bread as the support medium. Among them:

1.Toast points, rounds, or other shapes.

2. Hollowed-out cubes.

3. Flattened, filled and rolled.

4. Gougere and other miniature rolls and buns.

5. Small flatbreads.

Bread-like medium would include things like won ton cups, mini-crepes, fried (or grilled) polenta and its variations, spring-roll wrappers, etc.
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