Bad marks and applying to a Culinary school

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I really want to apply to a culinary school/trade but I passed my senior year with mere mercy pass marks of mainly 50's and 60's because I narrow mindedly just wanted to pass.. Should I still apply?..
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I REALLY wish this forum made members indicate what country they are from in their profile!!

So all I can do is advise you from a US perspective and that would be the same as Iceman Iceman . As long as you have a HS diploma or a GED any community college or trade school will be happy to take your money. No questions asked.
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Definitely apply, the worst case scenario is they will not accept you, so some other school will. Just do not wait for too long.
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Chefs are intelligent people, but most of us aren't "academics". Remember the only thing school grades determine is how good you are at taking tests. They're not a mark of your intelligence, nor do they dictate your future level of success. Once you find your passion, you'll excel. If it's what you really want, go for it.

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