Back on the line after over 2 years.

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Hey guys.  

I just signed up for this forum last night because , for after a little over two years, I am returning to the line as a fry cook at a very high volume sports bar next to a major university.  Am I nervousness?  of course.  But in a good way.  I am also excited to return.  I don't know what  it is about this industry but it has always seemed to call to me.  When I wasn't cooking and would go to jobs ( as a plumber) to kitchens, I couldn't help but stare at the burners, the saute station, and even the dish pit with a slight smile.

I love the idea of going to "battle" every night and that your general success depends solely on you in most situations. 

For with all the chaos and uncertainty that this world brings, for that one shift, none of that shit (should) matter.  It's just you, the tickets, and your station.  It's like my meditation. Doe anyone else kind of feel this way? 

Anyways,  I just had to say that cause I don't know any other cooks yet.  ( my first shift is in an hour).  Already been browsing the forums and I will defiantly be sticking around. 
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Welcome to CT.  Yeah, most of us feel that way (at least some of the time).  Have fun and don't worry- you'll get your 'sea legs' back in no time.

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