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Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by phaedrus, Dec 23, 2004.

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    Hi. Well, since I'm new to the forums here I guess I'll tell a bit about myself. I've spent about twenty years in the restaurant biz, having begun as a disher & working my way up the ladder. I've worked as banquet chef and kitchen manager at a couple restaurants in the midwest over the years. When the last restaurant I ran closed I decided I needed to get out, at least for awhile. Despite being offered several chef & sous chef positions, I left for a 40 hr/week job in banking.

    Well, I turned out to be pretty good at it, but four years I've been surprise by how much I've missed the kitchen. Sure, I cook a lot at home, but I miss the rush- I don't imagine I have to explain that to you guys that do it every day. ;) After years of living with the pressure & demands on my time, I find that the challenge is the part I miss the most. I've really missed the comraderie of working the line and the creativity of writing the menues and creating the dishes. But perhaps most of all I miss the satisfaction of knowing my work made peoples lives richer and happier- no one was really better off from my work in collections. :(

    A few months ago I decided to go back to the kitchen, starting out sort of slow to see if the fire would still be there. Turns out the woman I worked for was pretty much an idiot and her restaurant folded a couple weeks ago (she did no advertising, had no concept of scheduling or food costs, no idea how to create a coherent menu, etc- it's a wonder she lasted as long as she did). But still I enjoyed my time there.

    At some point I think I'll have to get back in the game, perhaps relocating to do so.

    Just wanted to tell you I think the forum is pretty cool. I hope to spend some quality time here in the months and years to come.

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    Phaedrus , The fire is always in the kitchen , Cheffing is like riding a bike , Get on your bike and ride with the rest of us !!! Welcome to the forums !!! :chef:
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    Hi Phaedrus and welcome to Chef Talk Cafe. You have indeed found the best place on the web to learn, share and enjoy everything about the culinary world (and a few surprises, too!).

    I understand what you mean about the rush. The energy is addictive! I'm sure that's just not there in the same way in the banking field.

    We're glad you found us and look forward to your contributions. Make yourself at home!

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