Baccala Salt Cod ????

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I have been soaking my cod for six days, It still has too much salt in it. Cooked a small piece just to see where it was at, anyone have a lot of experience with it?
I was thinking it would have been good by now. I do change the water once a day, and give it a rinse some days twice.
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It will always be salty; it will never taste like fresh/frozen cod. After soaking a lot, cooking in milk can reduce the salinity even more.
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Remember, you are going to mount it with some sort of fat at the end, for me its olive oil, also you can introduce potato to it. All will cut salt. I am accustomed to making a whipped creamy version, but there is no end to the different dishes to be made with it.
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I always thought people ate salt cod because there wasn't any other fish available....The only way I ever saw it don'e when I was a kid was mixed with mashed potatoes for fish cakes.......I didn't like them then, I wouldn't make them now........In todays world fish is flown over night everyplace.....Why bother with salt cod.........
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why? tradition. after soaking, boil in milk, discard that milk, add more with chunked peeled potato, when potatoes are tender, put aside some of the milk, whip till smooth, add reserved milk as needed, a squeeze of lemon, whip in evoo. serve with toasted bread. old school. there are varying qualities of salt cod sold, spend the money.
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I used to use Baccala often until it became trendy and expensive. Now not so much.
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When you boil it in milk do you put the cod in cold, and bring to a simmer. Or bring the milk to a boil first.
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Don't boil it hard, or it may just dissolve into little bits.

The mashed thing, brandade de morue, is fabulous: if you like salt cod, you owe it to yourself to try this some time. Good thing for cold weather, in my opinion. Serve with crusty bread and a cold, flinty white wine.
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I would say go simple. After boiling it in milk use the milk(add someclasic béchamel flavorings) and cod to make a really thick béchamel. let it cool, mix some cubed white fish(more salted cod or fresh if its too much for you) and make croquettes out of it. otherwise the brandada is always a good choice.
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