baba as a gift

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I've decided to make Christmas gifts this year instead of buying them for my parents. They live across the country.
I going to send them jars of goodies.. crabapple jelly, cranberry chutney, spiced pecans, chocolate truffles, each packed in its own decorated jar. My question concerns baba au rhum.
I plan on doing the cooking this weekend, Dec 6th. If I pack the babas in the apricot glaze in a jar, is it alright to process it by submersion just like I will be doing for the jellies? I want to ensure that 1. the jar won't break during the processing because of not being filled with liquid, and 2. that the babas will not go bad or moldy prior to Christmas.
What do you think?
thanks in advance
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My first gut reaction is it is potential for food poisoning because of the air oin the jar. Consider doing them in rum syrup and cover them or do the Mexican version again covered in liquid.
I put french prunes in a canning jar with Maker's Mark ...did not process it but keep them in the fridge.....I use them for savory or sweet dishes.
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I plan to soak them in rum until they absorb it all prior to putting in the jars anyway. The air borne bacteria is what I am worried about, as you pointed out. This is why I want to do the canning process, I thought it would kill all baddies and sterilize the jar. Am I wrong? I could, as you suggest use a rum syrup to cover them, I just don't want them to be soggy. What is the Mexican way?
thanks for your really swift response!
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