B.I. NY Strip Roast trouble...

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Had a 15lb NY Rib roast cut in 2. Olive oil seasoning etc..into the lower over @475 deg for 15 min ..lowered temp to 325 cooked for additional 1.5 hrs or so rest for 20min...trouble is the bone did not release and made the meal less than desireable. I have never had this problem with Prime rib but there is less connective tissue.. Any thoughts as to what happened here ..Stay with boneless next time ?? Thanks and Happy Holidays to all..
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Is that fifteen pounds or one point five? Regardless the bone will not release from the meat, it has to be cut away. If you have done this with prime rib and the bone is free after roasting it is because the bone was cut free by the meat cutter and likely tied back together.
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Cut the bone away before roasting, use butchers twine to tie it back on. Or else just cut between the bones for portions, I happen to like gnawing the meat around the bone! But I am a carnivore LOL
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It was 15# cut in 2... I never noticed the cut bone..hefty bone to cut through ...I will have the cutter do that next time...thanks to all..
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Is there bone and chine? If just ribs trim them off the roast and tie them back on.
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