Awww its so embarrassing....

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My mother is getting married soon and decided to recall some very old cooking stories about me. She just had to remember the time when I cooked soup.

My mom recalled eating and noticing that the carrot in her bowl kept getting bigger with each sip. She kept staring into her bowl so much that other family members came over. Suddenly her eyes went wide and she stared over to where I was sitting. Everyone started looking at me too.

You see, I had decided that plain ole carrots were boring so I had carved her's into the shape of a woman's leg. (I was 14 and thought it was a good idea) So there was this orange leg complete with thigh, leg and foot bobbing like a leg in a bathtub. My mom still cracks up about it but Im beginning to find it a little embarrassing. How do I get her to stop???:blush:

Well at least she hasn't brought out my baby pictures.... yet. Sigh....
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Don't be embarrassed! First of all, it shows how artistic you are. And, second, treasure the stuff you get from your never know when you might lose her. (Sorry if I sound maudlin, but it's almost the 8th anniversary of my mother's death -- and I still miss her A LOT.)
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