"Avocado Mousse"

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I recently made Creme de Abacate and folded in my own whipped creme. I put the left overs in a bowl with an air tight lid with a layer of plastic wrap on top. Next day it not only oxidized to that horrible brown avocado color, the taste had changed completely! Think of sweet fluffy mud! I thought since the abacate had lemon juice in it the color change would be minimal and never did I think the flavor would change completely. Does anyone know a good way do stop the oxidation? And why does guacamole, even if it has turned a little brown the flavor doesn't change? Thank you for any answers or insight you give on this subject!!!

p.s I am new to this site so a big Howdy to everyone!!
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I'm afraid I won't be of much help: my only good way to stop it is to only make what I'm going to eat that night, and eat it all right away. OK if you REALLY have to, then film the top of the mousse - the film has to be in contact with the mouse, and there has to be as little air bubbles as possible between the mouse and the film.

That's definitely not my experience, I find the flavor changes along with the color.
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