Autumn - what's for dinner?

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When it comes to seasonal cooking, there is no better season than fall!  For us tonight it's turkey breast with roasted rainbow carrots and purple potatoes.  And this weekend I'm planning to stuff and bake some apples!
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Chicken Jalfrezi with pilau rice and naan breads.

Haunch of venison with all the trimmings for Sunday lunch.
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I stewed some onions, carrots, celery and potatos with thyme and bay leaf and chicken stock. Added two oversized zukes from the garden (seeded and sliced thick for the last part of cooking. Pureed some of the mixed vegies to thicken it at the end.

Served rubbed grilled pork chops sliced thinly on top. It was good and used up some of the garden horrors that happen when you grow zucchini.
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Mojo smoked chicken thighs, black beans, rice, sautéed celery and salad

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There definitely is a crisp chill to the air these days here in Salt Lake. I made a small batch of onion soup to go with some slices of leftover beef. Topped the soup with shreds of a horseradish cheddar - tasty.mjb.
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still warm here in AZ,

all though Northern Cali was cool and foggy,

so it was soups and chili while on the road (I'll tell you more about it later)

I do look forward to a good braised short rib though once it cools off here
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It definitely feels very wintry over here in Scotland; lovely crisp, cold morning today. You're right that Autumn is the best time for food. As soon as the cold air starts coming in everyones palette starts to change. For me there's definitely more soups, more puddings and more meat that gets eaten at this time of year. Today there's a celery and smoked ham soup on the go and Cumberland sausages stewed in wine and with a Yorkshire pudding later. Yum

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We finally had a hard freeze last night, so the garden is toast.  Squashes and root vegetables are now abundant. Had a golden kabocha squash the other night.  I tend to use the slow cooker a bit more in the fall and winter.  Curry beef stew, chile, navarin, etc.  I bake and roast more as well.  Cabbage rolls are on the horizon.  Lots of local apples to use. Made apple dumplings last weekend and apple crisp tonight.  Made cinnamon ice cream to go with the apple deserts.
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I'm making chicken stock.  I'd like to make a chicken soup but don't want to do the boring old egg noodles with veggies or the avgolemono tonight.  Maybe I'll use the broth to make a rich potato soup or a corn chowder.  I can't decide!
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So I ended up making a chicken corn chowder with finely shredded chicken, a bag of frozen corn and a touch of cream.  I used the stick blender to blend some of the ingredients and it gave it a nice texture.
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I'm very excited about tonight's dinner, because it's already cooked and I'm sampling it as I type.  Spicy pork and pepper goulash!
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Mushrooms. Beets. Last of the good tomatoes. Mâche is getting good. Bacon and hearty meat to pair with it. Sweet chestnuts. As much as I dislike the passing of summer in the local climate, I have to agree that food-wise, autumn is not all that bad.
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Last night was a proper Sunday roast chicken with potatoes, parsnips, celery root, carrots, mushrooms and kielbasa!

Today is a vegetarian night for us and I usually make boiled dandelions.  But I'm seriously considering making a cauliflower soup if I can find a good recipe.
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I grilled chicken thighs I had brined the day before and let dry over knight.  The skin was super crispy and the meat was moist, tender and flavorful inside.  End of the season corn is spectacular this year and I made a blue cheese slaw with iceberg lettuce.  A little play on the classic wedge, but if you try it do not dress it till it's time to plate - it ain't cabbage. 
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