Automatic pepper & salt grinder really don't help?


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Saw automatic pepper & salt grinder these days. Even want to have one.

However, many people don't think it helps. I feel confused about this.

Does anyone who have ever tried? I need the using experience.



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You tend to have less control with these. And most are poorly made.
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Not always true Phatch.....

The one shown above is one of the better ones.

The ones that are problematic are the re-chargeable ones.

Battery operated work well.

Depends on the brand.

We use automatic pepper mills on the tables but have Sea Salt in small Limoge saucers
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My dad bought me a battery operated electric Peugeot pepper mill a while ago. It was utterly worthless and the motor died after a few months of light use. Reading reviews on Amazon made me realize this was not an isolated incident:

after a very short amount of time the salt mill stopped working properly.


I have now had 4. The longest we owned one was 11 months. For the price these should not only last longer but also have a better warranty.

Also even when it was working you had to hold the button down the whole time, and use so much force to hold that button down, that for about a tspn of ground pepper, you'd have a sore thumb for the next 10 minutes. Might as well grind it manually!!

Never again. 
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I have a rather inexpensive one I've had for at least five years. I don't even know the brand. But it's very handy to be able to grab and to have ground pepper with one hand quickly. It's easy to adjust the grind for coarseness and the texture of the grind is pretty uniform. It uses four AA batteries and runs a long time on those. The plastic is easy to wipe clean, too. I have two manually operated ones (had one and got a gift) which I like too, but I use the battery-powered one for prep most of the time unless I need to mill a lot of pepper at a time.
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If I need bulk pepper I use my coffee bean grinder/spice mill(only used for spices). Otherwise Penzy's wooden mill has been decent and puts out plenty of pepper with a few turns.
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Otherwise Penzy's wooden mill has been decent and puts out plenty of pepper with a few turns.
I was wondering about those. They look nice and the right price... I may grab one next time. 

Lately I've been using my mortar and pestle to grind my pepper...
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Have you seen Alton Brown's modified drill grinder? It's not one handed though.

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