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Logging in every time can be an annoyance. But it is also beneficial in some other ways. This all ties in to your own personal philosophy of Internet safety, security and convenience. This has become more complex of an issue as privacy and user controls have increased. I think those are good things, but it does create some complications.

Private Sessions. You can't automatically log-in to Cheftalk if you use a Private Tab/session of your browser. Firefox defaults to all sessions as Private on install. To use a regular browser session, you have to enable some level of History. But see more on that below.

If you want to automate your log-in at Cheftalk, you will have to make some settings to protect the Cheftalk cookie that controls recognizing you on the internet. My examples below come from Firefox on Linux, but the ideas and terminology are pretty consistent across platforms and browsers.

Go to the Preferences or Options feature in your browser. This is usually in the hamburger menu somewhere. In Firefox, this pops up a new browser tab/window. I'v also selected Privacy/Security on the menu on the left. Go to a similar part of your browser.
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Scroll down to Cookies and Site Data. Click Manage Permissions. This opens an Exceptions window. Yes, I know the interface consistency is poor here. Enter "" into the field and select the Allow permission. This allows the Cheftalk cookie to persist between sessions in non-private sessions.

Screenshot from 2020-05-29 09-58-56.png

Additionally, you might have your browser set to clear history when you close it. I do. But this may also delete the Cheftalk cookie if you don't make another setting change. So go to your browser's History settings. Here's History:
Screenshot from 2020-05-29 10-16-11.png

And here are the Settings
Screenshot from 2020-05-29 09-59-13.png
Unclick Cookies. Your browser will keep cookies from all of your sites, at least as influenced by other settings. For example, I clear all third-party cookies when I exit Firefox, but that's controlled by other settings.

You should be able to make Cheftalk work under other more strict settings as well, you'll just have to manage more exception settings.


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