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Hi. I'm an author and I'm looking for research assistance. I ran my request past Mezzaluna first and she suggested posting in this forum.

I'm working on a new book (fiction) and my protagonist is a hotel chef. I need some help with getting the details correct -- I'd like her to be very good at her job and I'm afraid my knowledge on the subject is limited.

Please email me privately if you'd consider helping me. Thanks very much in advance! [email protected] -- KC
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Kathy is a published author who wants to include a culinary professional as a main character. I can think of several CTers who would be excellent resources for her. Please give her a warm welcome!

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Hi Kathy and welcome to CT.

Well I have to get back to my Matzo balls and potato pancakes!!

400 for dinner tonight :)
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Thanks very much for the warm welcome Mezzaluna and Cape Chef. I've received several replies already. You guys are the best! Thanks for the help! -- KC

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