Authentic or Fake Molcajete??

Discussion in 'Cooking Equipment Reviews' started by maus, Jan 9, 2013.

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    I need some help please... I recently bought a Molcajete in Internet that it supposed to be made of Lava rock, but when I received the item I got concern about the material because the item doesn't look exactly as the one in the picture, so I thought it could be an imitation. I was trying to find some information in Internet, but I got more confused. Fortunately the item was broken when I received it, so now I have the option of return it and get the money back or get a new one (and I also can see the material inside), but before taking my decision I'd like to know if this molcajete is an Authentic one or a fake one. 

    The Molcajete is a little bit gritty to the touch, looks like it is handmade tools, and the material inside is kind of glitter. The pestle has in one of the edge a weird color that don't like. 

    Please see the pictures attached and tell me what do you think. Thanks.

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    Originally from eastern California that's peppered with volcanoes, that M appears to be a molded item.  Out in the Mojave desert, the grinding stones we've found all have an irregular texture.  But if you do a search in "cooking equipment", I think that you'll find a discussion/thread that mentions your plight.  For the real thing you might want to visit your local mexican supermercado for the big M.