Australian Internship March - May 2014

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    I am a current sophomore at Johnson & Wales University in the FSM program. Come this spring I will be on internship so it is necessary for me to secure one now. I am trying to go abroad to Australia, as I have family there for free housing, directly in Sydney and Cherrybrook area. I am having difficulty trying to find an internship that is interested in me and/or will be a useful learning experience.

    I am trying to mainly look at places that have established internship programs and are paid. 

    Park Hyatt - Internship program not established and not interested in hiring me 

    Four Seasons- Unpaid and three months is too short of an internship time span

    Marriott - Only offering internships to Australian Hospitality College students

    Other places haven't contacted me back and I am feeling lost on where else to look. 

    If anyone has any suggestions or connections I would greatly appreciate it.
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    What the hell is an internship? Just a fancy way of saying your starting on the bottom lol? Park hyatt would be great - i used to work at the hyatt resort in coolum beach, was a fantastic place