Austalian hopeful line cook moving to Edinburgh, Scotland

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    Hey there Cheftalkers!

    My name is Miles (first post, yay!), I am from Australia and am moving to Edinburgh in Scotland in around 5 weeks. 
    I have worked in hospitality for around 9 years as a barista and also a kitchen hand - I basically live and breathe this industry, and want to continue my career, in cooking, and to eventually get qualified as a chef. 

    I am currently working at a large club in Canberra, Australia, supervising a cafe (effectively my job is to supervise FOH staff, and to make sure that food is up to scratch). My current head chef has taken me into our restaurant on my days off for experience (7 days a week, yehyeh) and has placed me in the grill with an experienced chef. Already worked salads and nailed it, and am currently working pans, and doing some steaks/fish etc. (and loving it!) 

    Basically my question is, does anyone know Edinburgh well, and if they do, could they suggest some places for me to apply?
    I understand how service runs, and how kitchens run, and am very keen to learn more, and to cook more! :)

    Thanks heaps! :)