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Discussion in 'Professional Chefs' started by tnailedit, Jan 16, 2015.

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    I work for a small non-profit organization that is trying to bring businesses to our little city.  We have very few restaurants and we are trying to find out how we go about attracting restaurateurs.  Any help advice would be appreciated.  
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    I'd say, the first thing to find out about is whether your town is attractive enough for restaurants to open up. Why aren't there any in the first place? There might be a reason for that.

    My restaurant is located in a village which is a main point of attraction for hiking, cycling and day trip tourists. The local council has been immensely dedicated to bringing both tourists and businesses in, because the two feed off each other. As a restaurateur, I cooperate closely with the council to such a degree that they actually converted an old farmhouse to a restaurant to get my restaurant off the ground. The local tourist information knows we are here and that we are the only place in the area where you can sample local cuisine made of regional products, and so on. However, I don't just take - I also give to the community, because I buy from local butchers and farmers, I provide an attractive beer garden, etc.

    In other words, the local council has put in a great deal of work and money in the past 20 years to turn this village from a depopulating rural community into a thriving little town with lots of infrastructure and points of interest. You reap what you sow.

    One special problem in small communities is the fact that restaurants usually cannot survive on the locals alone; therefore, if there is no reason for visitors to drop by, there often is no reason for restaurants to open up shop, either.