Attack of the Clones!!

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My husband and were given tickets to see a preview showing of the new Star Wars movie, "Episode II: Attack of the Clones." Having been profoundly disappointed by Episode I, I was a bit leery, but...

IT ROCKED!! Lucas pulled his kishkes out of the fire, IMHO. It was awesome. As during the "first" three films, audience members were cheering and clapping. Only a few groaner lines in the whole 2-1/2 hours. You won't believe the things Yoda can do!

You guys on the line will appreciate that one of the characters is a diner cook who's quite memorable. Keep your eyes open for him. At least I think he's a him....

If you have to stand in line to see it, it's well worth it. It opens 5/16.
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Whooo hooo Mezzaluna thanks for the review I am counting down the days til I can see it.....Fond du Lac theater had plenty of seats for the late showing opening day of episode I hope that holds true for episode II......
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I heard that Mr. Lucas said he was just practicing with Episode I and that the special effects are supposed to be out of this world in Attack of the Clones.

Did you say it opens May 16th? Accckkkk! I can't see it when it opens. Ill probably be at Chuck E Cheese giving my little girl her 5th birthday party! She loves that place. Must be the rides. Oh well there is always the next day. :cool:
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Yes, it opens May 16. And yes, the effects are GREAT. I saw only one tiny thing that looked fakey (Padme on the back of a wild creature looked kind of amaterish), but the rest was really, really good. The plot makes sense and you can see how the pieces could converge to make Episode IV (the 1977 movie) make perfect sense.
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Thanks for the review, Mezz. I was hoping you'd post something as soon as you watched the movie. I doubt I'll go opening night because I really don't enjoy crowded movie theatres, but I've been on pins and needles for this movie to come out. I haven't heard any bad reviews for the movie so far except that the actor playing Annakin is a little wooden. That was surprising to me since he did a very good job in Life as a House. I'm most excited to see the Yoda fight scenes, more action for Amidala and, of course, Ewan MacGregor (sp?).

On a different note, I just saw Spiderman this weekend and I was a little disappointed. I don't buy Tobey Maguire as Spidey or Peter Parker after the mutation. He was only really good as Peter Parker the geek. The "romantic" parts were slow and boring. I still watch the cartoons on tv and I've even read some Spiderman comic books; this movie was just missing an edge. I actually enjoyed Blade II more, but then I went into that movie with the only expectation of good fight scenes and little else.

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