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Does look like you've got some water stains.  If I get to guess, you're putting it away in the plastic guard without drying with a cloth, AND allowing a thorough air dry.

You can rub the spots out with baking soda and a Scotch Brite cloth, then rinse and dry.  If baking soda isn't enough, try BKF with a Scotch Brite, rinse your knife thoroughly, hit it again with baking soda and the same Scotch Brite, rinse and dry. 

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Agree BDL...

That must be moisture, I wipe it dry with a towel or paper towel , but maybe the plastic guard is moist, or wiping dry is not enough when you're going to keep it in an absolutely tight guard that does not allow any moisture to evaporate.

I'll try your suggestion on the baking soda/scotch brite and I'll dump the magnetic guard.

Thanks for the advice, as usual, very helpful.

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