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I have tried to reply on my previous thread 3times and for some reason it wont work. I was hoping to get some feedback on my methods of marketing my cheesecakes. My budget is minimal, PLEASE all suggestions welcome
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For me, free samples is advertising, not marketing.

Marketing is researching what potential customers might want or need and finding ways to fulfill those wants and needs.

Advertising is telling the target customer where they can go to fulfill their wants and needs.

Will I try your free sample? You bet!

Will I buy your cheesecakes because of the free samples? Mmm, maybe, but only if they taste better, are less expensive or a better perceived value, and are easier to get and  serve than the competition.

I always try the samples at COSTCO, but I still buy what I cam for /img/vbsmilies/smilies/laser.gifBINGO!
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Cheap and easy way to sell is with fundraising--you see it with schools and sports teams.  Say you have 4 varieties and 3 sizes, so you make a "catalouge" of sorts and give it to the fundraisers, with "X" $ per unit going to the fundraiser.
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