Asking all of you to get involved in the Steven Raichlen Q&A this month


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In the past has been really fortunate to have had some amazing guests in our community. These are great opportunities for everyone in the community to talk to great culinary experts such as Steven Raichlen. I would really like to ask everyone to start thinking about your questions and be ready to post when the Q&A starts. 

I would love to hear from the community how we could make the Q&A more interesting and get you to participate. Thanks for your feedback.
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I have three questions already. I'm sure I'll have more!

Since he speaks French, maybe we should alert our francophone members to this possibliity.
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I'll start losing sleep right away, reading my BBQ bible late at night, thinking of my questions. He speaks French? I didn't know that. Maybe I'll ask him a question in French? /img/vbsmilies/smilies/wink.gif

Nicko, thanks so much for doing those guest speaker forum events. To be able to participate in a discussion with Steve Raichlen and ask our own personal questions is invaluable. I should also thank Steve himself obviously, and everybody else involved who made this possible.

This is exciting news!
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I can't ask any intelligent questions yet, as I don't know enough.  However, I can certainly sit and learn, and that is exactly what I intend to do.
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I have a few questions already as well.  I'm just starting to get adventurous with my grilling so this is perfect for me!
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