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Hi Everyone,

I'm totally new to this website -- I stumbled upon it as I was doing searches online.  I'm also relatively new to the cooking world.  I am currently a lawyer at a big entertainment firm who is leaving his job to chase a dream.

Anyway, I'm working with a few young ambitious gen X'ers in putting together a new asian quick-service restaurant concept, with a planned launch in SoCal early next year.  And we're looking for an executive chef.

Any advice as to the best way to find a great chef would be really helpful.  We're looking for someone who is entrepreneurial, can help managing suppliers, food costs, people, etc., and has experience working with chinese, japanese and thai cuisines.  A sous-chef from a well-known primarily Chinese fusion restaurant -- someone who is looking for a lead position -- would be best.

Any advice as to who to contact and where to put up an ad would be great.

Thanks for your help!


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