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I'm trying to make a recipe for an artichoke lasagnia. I'm thinking of using moz cheese, aged provolone, quartered artichoke hearts, chopped spinach, muchrooms, olives, and ricotta cheese. I'm not sure if it would turn out better using a tomato sauce or a béchamel sauce. If someone could give me some feedback i'd really appreciate it...any tips or opinions are welcome :)


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Personally I would not quarter the artichokes I would sliced them fairly thick which would make it easier to layer them like a traditional lasagne. The bechemel would be a good choice I believe but it might make the dish a bit heavy with the addition with all of those cheeses. Test it out with different combinations and see how it comes out.
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Mmmm... this sounds delicious. Any time you pair mushrooms with artichokes, you've got my attention. I'd agree with Nicko. You'll be using fresh artichokes, right?
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Thanks for the input...i think i'll try a few different ways tomorrow when i have all day to cook...and yes i was planning on using fresh artichokes...i've used canned artichokes in food before and they just don't give you the same flavor...I'm gonna try a few different things and let you all know how it turns out
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I think it also sounds good. I think crimini mushrooms would be great. I would add chopped fresh tomato or even slices. Layer the cheese inside. Then use the bechamela, thin layer, only on the top to brown it lightly. The ricotta will provide moisture and the other cheeses for the inside. If all the ingredients are added at about the level of "cookedness" you would only need to heat it through and that would be enough time to brown the top. PS egg yolk in your bechemela will help to brown it faster.
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This is just an example of the difference between the "American" and the "Italian" concept of Lasagne (and generally of pasta dishes) :) You love to put everything you can in your sauces to get a very rich dish, while we usually play with few ingredients.
Personally, I'd never add so many things to fresh artichokes as their subtle taste would be easily overwhelmed. I would slice plenty of fresh artichokes, sautè them with EVOO, chopped garlic and parsley, then process half of them to a cream and mix it with a bechamel sauce. Finally I'd make layers of lasagne, sliced artichokes, artichoke sauce and grated parmesan.
Another option could be sauteeing the artichokes with other green vegetables like leeks, peas, broad beans in season, and/or mushrooms, and make layers with this sauce and bechamel sauce.
To my taste, a white sauce goes better with artichokes than a red one if you're making Lasagne...a tomato/artichoke sauce is better with other types of pasta like Rigatoni or Penne. This is one of my favourites: an onion/garlic/tomato sauce, sliced artichokes, peas, canned tuna. The name of this recipe is "Rigatoni alla Cianfrujona" got the permission to make the dish only if you can pronounce correctly its name ;)

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I make an artichoke and ricotta ravioli with fresh carrot juice and spearmint that is wonderful.

This recipe is for a large number of ravs so i'll try to scale it back later.

For the filling

24 ea turned, cooked artichokes
1 1/4 # ricotta
1/2 # mascarpone
1/4 # parm
1/4 cup lemon juice
2 T salt

puree the chokes in a processor
add ricotta and mascarpone and parm and process
season with salt and lemon

Pasta dough

2# flour
24 ea egg yolks
4 ea egg whits
2 T evoo
4 T milk
1 ea egg whipped for egg wash

place the in mixing bowl with the paddle
whisk egg yolks,whole eggs,oil and milk
turn mixer on 1 and slowly pour in the eggs into the center of the flour,slowly until the dough comes together
remove the dough and knead for about ten minuts until dough is smooth and elastic
divide in 1/4 and wrap with saran and let it rest for a half an hour
begin rolling the dough through the number 10 setting on pasta maker,repeat 2 or 3 times to even out the dough. fold it in half and make a 1/4 turn rolling through number ten five times,roll down to 5 and fold into 1/3s. begin at ten again rolling through each number two times until you reach 1,then roll only once
place dough sheet on semolina and cut into dersired shapes

Raw artichoke salad
18 chokes
(acidulated water)1/2 ts lemon juice
1 T evoo
1/4 oz grated parm
1/2 ts chiffonade mint
clean and trim chokes rubbing with lemon,place in acidulated water
shave chokes paper thin and marinate in oil,parm,lemon and mint,season with S&P

Carrot sauce
1 oz fresh carrot juice
1/2 oz carrot puree
boil juice and blend in puree

Marinated chokes with mint
2 ea baby chokes
1/2 tsp evoo
lemon juice
1/4 tsp chiffonade spearmint
1/4 tsp grated parm
sea salt
trim chokes,keeping stean intact,blanch until tender
remove and drain and marinate while still warm
reheat with olive oil and season with sea salt and white pepper on a sheet pan
roast until lightly colored
dress with lemon,mint and parm

Set up for one plate
2 ea ravioli
3 ea roasted chokes cut in half
1/4 cup raw choke salad
1 oz carrot sauce
1/2 oz butter
3 mint leaves
drop ravs in boiling water
when done,toss in butter,season with s&p
place in a bowl
place salad down
heat roasted chokes and put on top of the salad
heat sauce and blend and pour around the plate.

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Thanks for everyone's input...The lasagne turned out wonderful...i sauted the artichokes and mushrooms with a little garlic...i used a layer of noodles, mozz, artichokes, noodles, mozz, spinach, mushrooms, ricota, noodles, provalone and topped it with a little sauce (also used a few ladles of sauce over the artichokes and the spinach and mushrooms)...i only cooked it long enough to brown the top in a 350 oven...took about 35 min (Next time i'll try the egg yolks in the sauce so it doesnt' have to cook as long) I served the lasagne with a little sauce over the top and a bit of parsley...It looked and tasted great...i received many compliments from both customers and the other kitchen staff where i work...Just wanted to thank everyone for their advice
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That sounds really, really good. :D Did you use bechamel or tomato sauce? Or both -- bechamel in the lasagna and tomato to garnish?
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I only used bèchamel....i tried it with a basil/oregano/garlic tomato sauce but the bèchamel tasted the best
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Your quartered artichoke technique, while theoretically sound, would make for a very sloppy service. I would rough chop the artie hearts in the food processor - NOT until they were a paste, but until they were in pieces small enough not to disturb the structure of the lasagna once it has been cut into.
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