Artichokes ??

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Have not seen good artichokes in years, was curious where do other folks get them? Does anyone source them online ? I used to work in the restaurant business back in the late eighties. We used to receive artichokes that were huge tender and meaty, the ones I see lately look horrible ! When I was young they were present at every family holiday gathering.
Always loved them, they were the star of the show.
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My mother used to make artichoke hearts for every family holiday meal - she would take the frozen ones, toss in olive oil, garlic, bread crumbs and chopped parsley and bake them. It was the only side dish we never had leftovers of. The frozen ones are harder to find (I think only Whole Foods or Trader Joes has them now but I haven't looked for them in quite a while); I got some from Restaurant Depot for her to try but they were terrible :(


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In my local store, when they have them, they're in the refrigerated walk-in vegetable section 4 to a bag.
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I suppose it depends on where one lives and shops. We seem to only see them when they are in season, which isn’t now. Best ones are in the high-end markets or farmer’s market. The ones in regular grocery stores are generally quite dreadful.

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