Art Institutes? are they good schools to go to?

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Hi AshleyNicole,

I can only comment on my personal experiences.  I'm currently attending an Art Institute school and am going for a Bachelor's in Culinary Management.  So far I have been very pleased with the school and do not regret for a second in choosing them.  The Chef instructors seem very knowledgeable and will provide you with all the help you would ever want; you only need to ask them.  Even though they are an "art" school, they do pile on the homework.  You do get a lot out of each course.  What impressed me most about the school was their modern, state-of-the-art kitchens, the course curriculum, the location of the school, and the the fact they offer classes in the morning, afternoon and evening to accommodate most people's scheduling situations.  I also really was impressed by the overall appearance of the kitchens.  They are well maintained and very clean!  Their kitchens are also very spacious and there are 5 at the school I'm attending.  

The Art Institute school is a for profit school, and they are expensive.  However, I feel I am getting a lot in return for my tuition and I really am enjoying my experiences there.  They have had some impressive success stories.   Some of their Culinary grads are restaurant owners, Executive and Sous Chefs, own catering businesses, and a few have appeared on various Food Network shows.      

When I was interviewing possible schools to attend, I really did my homework and asked lots of questions for each school, and I highly recommend you do the same.  Ask them the background of their Chef instructors, look at their course curriculum, ask about contacts you could make, the success rate of their graduates, and try to get a tour of their kitchens.  Each person has different needs and not every school is right for everybody.  

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