Argument about bread

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Hello all!

My girlfriend and I were arguing about some bread terms so I thought I would ask you all.

What is the term called when you mix some dough and take a little peice out and let it ferment over night and add it to your next batch of bread?

I think it is called a pat ferment.

any ideas?
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she says a sponge but a sponge is a enriched fermentation.

I am 100% sure it is a pat fermente

I called my old CIA bread chef this evening to ask him. He says "I am so glad you and your girlfriend are agruing about bread".

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I would say you were right about it's being a pate fermentee, as long as it has salt in it. I suppose a chart of all the variations that fall under the heading "Pre-ferment" would be fun to put together.
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m brown,

Bread chef at CIA, when? I had Chef Gaumet and (advanced breads) Chef Coppedge. Both were the best!!

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