Argentian meat method

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  this thread is about an old trick from Argentina on how to cook meat.

  You'll need:


 Fire Wood

Fresh River Clay

Butcher Paper

Filet Knife


  Process out your meat, lay it on the butcher paper and wrap the butcher thoroughly around it. Cover the whole butcher paper wrapped fish with the river clay all sides need to be about 3in. in thickness. Build a great fire and make sure it has semi good flames but great heat. Stick the clay covered fish inside the embers of the fire and let it cook or about 30mins.

 The clay helps the meat keep heat and humidity inside the meat so it will cook faster and give it a smoky taste.

   Thank You For Reading!!!   
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Meat to fish and back to meat - that's a nifty trick.  I'm not picking on you, but your posts aren't making a lot of sense to me.
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