Argan Oil From Morocco

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I import directly from Morocco a new oil to the western world. This is called Argan Oil.

The oil has a very strong nutty flavor and is as "organic" as mother earth is.

the tree grows wild in the Moroccan desert and is predominantly used by Berber nomads in their daily diet and for sun protection.

The oil has a 90% lipid content, 80% poli-unsaturated fats and a more than 63mg per 100gr of natural vitamins (A and E) and other anti-oxidants (tocopherols).

Currently, I am seeking venues to expose this new product to the market and I hope that you may be able to provide me with suggestions and opportunities to use it.

Normally used as "condiment" or "finishing oil," Argan oil is probably the most unusual and exotic of all the flavored oils on the market today. In Morocco, it is used for couscous, meats and fish dishes and for salads.

Looking forward to your reply and feeback, I remain.

Giulio Romani
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Giulio, I am glad to welcome you to Chef Talk. Feel free to browse the forums to learn and share with your fellow food lovers.

I am moving your post to the Inside Scoop forum where chefs will expect to find posts like yours.
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Do I need to worry about the goats? or has this practice laid way to modern technology?

I have heard of argon oil being mixed with almond paste and honey as a spread for Moroccan bread, may I substitute a fine French walnut oil?
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Giulio -
I just tasted this oil for the first time at the food show in New York and it's utterly delicious. Like a wonderful combination of hazelnut with hints of almond and sesame, a rich golden honey color.
I think it would be beautiful with cheeses, fish and tomato dishes (and of course, bread with honey).
At the show all I got was a card with a website address- is this your company?
Please let me know where I can get your product- I'm in Los Angeles.


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