Are You Ready For Some Football ?

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Well we are down to 4 teams now . The 49ers get spanked , the Falcons get spanked , Steelers are crying foul & the Jets ( that other team from New York ) are leaving on a jet plane and taking a vacation for the rest of this season . So who are your pics for the superbowl , Ill start it by saying Tampa Bay and Oakland .................... any takers ?
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I agree that this is the year TB beats Philly for the shot in the Superbowl. As much as I like Tennessee they're banged up a bit. The Idea of going into Oakland coming out victorious isn't looking all that possible.

I think you're right. TAM vs. OAK in the 'bowl
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Okay, I'll be the early voice of dissent in this thread.
I say it will be a Philly vs Oakland Super Bowl with Philly coming out on top.
Oakland has had a tendency to lose big and Philly just keeps coming this year. That being said, and with my track record this year it will probably end up being Tenn vs TB with Tenn. winning instead!


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Oakland vs. Tampa Bay in the Superbowl, with Oakland taking it. :)

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I HATE to say it, but I'm with Kuan.

I used to go to "Jokeland" games just to boo them. The scrub QB was ?? in the early 80's. Mind, I'm not a big football fan, but I do follow my Bay Area teams. The niners fired Marriuchi (Sp?) today, and while he's always brought them to the playoffs, they have mostly choked.
I see this Oakland team as the most qualified, talented and due teams in a long time.
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Would it not be way cool to see Jerry Rice get one more ring and hopefully one more touchdown ( a record to add to his many for post season touchdowns ) . Jerrys work ethic is what makes him great and I feel that the Old Guys just might be able to pull it off this year . Watch out 10 I see , the black hole awaits you .
GO RAIDERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :bounce: ;)
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Dude, I am ready. We now live in Tampa and Bucs Fever here is at epidemic proportions! Today we bought some goodies to make for tomorrow's game.

Go Bucs! Then onto San Diego.
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