Are you interested in a web page for your restaurant?


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In talking with many chefs I find that many would like to have a web page, or already do and would like to update it themselves. This made me wonder if it might be useful for me to post some basic classes on how to set up a web page, obtain a web hosting company, what type of software to use, etc. If this is something that would be interesting for you then let me know.


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I would be, but I would probably have to be the one to build it since I am going to web design school right now. If you want any resources, ie web sites, book recommendations, etc, I'd be happy to help. Otherwise, it might be helpful to learn about the WYSIWYG editors such as Dreamweaver or Adobe GoLive which is a "drag and drop" page builder, but apparently there is a learning curve when starting out with these tools.
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With all of the HTML/web authoring sites out there you could probably just set up a links page and save yourself some time

My fav is the HTML writers guild:

I wrote the page for our PC service that is hosted off of the USPCA server:

If you are on your own server with ChefTalk, offering space might be a good idea...
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To those considering a web site... it's easy to do your own, or pay someone to do it for you, but getting it picked up by the search engines is a different story. That's where it's handy to have a professional or someone with that experience working with you.

That's if you really want to get traffic to your site. Some folks just want a site for the prestige, which in that case it doesn't matter.

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You are correct UniChef ...

Being found is the name of the game.
Several ways to look at the problem.
If you do a search for the keywords you want to be asociated with, try to get a link on the pages that hold the top ten spots....

I haven't worried about search engines with a personal chef page due to the fact the the USPCA comes up in the top ten and I have a link on thier page thru 'hire a chef'. The fact we are VERY local has something to do with it too, not real worried if NYC knows about me...

For a restaurant I would look into the city guides on the web. Getting a link thru their restaurant listings would be the way to go.

If you want to do the hardcore search engine gig try :
They explain how to do keywords for the different search engines, how to submit, etc..

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