Are there Any Students & Chefs that are Members here who have had Bareatric Gastric Surgery ?

Discussion in 'Professional Chefs' started by thumper1279, Jan 16, 2014.

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    Hello and good day 
    I'm wondering if there are any 
    Other Culinary Students & Chefs 
    That have had Gastric  Sleeve     Gastric Bypass or  Lap Band Procedure ? 

    how are you working around things 

    are you just that good that you don't need to taste some things ? 

    are you fallowing the Diets that your Dr and Nutritionist gave you ? 

    how are you dealing with the changes ? 

    I have been in school for 12 months now 
    And just over Winter break i had my surgery 
    Gastric Sleeve 

    its been not easy on me alot has changed 
    I am no longer allowed to consume anything that has more then 2-4 grams of sugar and has to be very low on Carbohydrates
    I will not be able to eat any items that contain white Flour 

    I understand that there is a difference between eating and tasting 
    So tasting what i Produce will not be an issue i just have to remember no matter what if its something i am not allowed to have i need to remember not to eat just taste 
    The big problem that i am worried about is anything that can not be made with a sugar substitute i will not be able to taste because once sugar hits your mouth it goes right into the blood stream so that i will have to figure out 

    but i would like to know
    How others have dealt with this 

    and hope to find some fellow Culinary Professional for a support group of friends perhaps 

    I am lucky the the school understand my situation and that they fallow the ADA guidelines and allow me to take gen education courses for now i have not had to been in the kitchen in the past 3 months but my next class will put me back in the kitchen in 5 weeks from now the hardest part about that i think is because it will be Baking and Pastry class next 

    Thank you 

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    I  had my gastric bypass 10 years ago. I am a sous chef currently running a kitchen in an industrial setting. I have maintained my 145 pound weight loss and am glad for it.  I taste everything and have no problems with eating anything as long as its not too much. I also found that if I keep moving, I don't feel too bad if I should over indulge.  However I do not tolerate sugar well and have found that I can only taste small amounts. This has made me more aware of flavors and textures. It also made me more aware of nutrition and dietary restrictions. Good luck in your endeavors! 

    By the way- I am a 53 year old who has more energy than some of the 20 year olds in some of the kitchens I have worked at. I couldn't have done that before.
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    oh in just over 3 weeks i have noticed a bit difference in energy the morning of my surgery i was 368 today i weight in at 339 when i woke up 

    29 pounds and i really see the difference i don't wake up 5x a night anymore i sleep well i have more energy im quicker on my feet im around 8000-9000 steps a day of walking 

    i can stand up straight havn't done that in years 

    now they are all herasing me about its time to get new chef coats and pants i hesitate because in  2 month from now il have to be knew again lol 

    i don't think its going to be easy but that doesn't mean its impossible i know its just going to take alot on my part 

    its going to be a challenge but i know its well worth it 

    right now im only allowed to eat 
    Chicken , Turkey and Fish no beef or pork for 6 months 

    and no veggies untill about that same time also kid of sucks and no fruit my first thing every day for the entire year was sneek a granny smith apple from the walk in lol  no more of that 

    i am currently in the process of making a Bariatric cook book seems for every 10 dishes i come up with maybe 1 actualy taste good enough to make in into the book lol 

    Keki thank you for sharing with me