Are the eggs spoiled/dangerous to eat?

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I wanted to make creme brulee today (That's not the first time I'm doing it)

But today, I had 5 egg yolks in a bowl, and I started whisking them, and as soon as I added 40 grams of sugar while whisking, it became very sticky and clung to the whisker as a 1 chunk. That never happened before with the same amounts - does that mean the eggs were bad? 

The creme brulee is already done and now cooling in the fridge, but I am worrying it might not be safe to eat.

Thank you!
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They do indeed !

Maybe next time you make something requiring eggs, just test them beforehand by putting them in a jar of water.

Floats to the top -> they are off

Stays at the bottom -> they are good

Floats midway or just off the bottom -> I sometimes still use them (personally), but not for raw egg preparations.
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A rotten egg smells terrible, you would smell it the moment you crack the egg into the bowl. 

Maybe they clunk all together because the sugar was a bit humid or something. 

Here at home when i don´t use all the sugar it ends up clumping and becoming stiff until broken. Then again that would be pretty obvious and you would notice that before adding it to the mixture.  

Were you using just regular white sugar??

The egg yolks maybe were smaller then the ones from your previous attempt??

Maybe the yolks were too cold??
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