Are sensors going to change cooking?

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    Some of the new cooktops come with sensors measuring with both boiling sensors (using IR measuring the side of the pot, this way getting the temperature of the content) and frying sensors (measuring temperature at bottom of cookware). Do you guys think this will change the way we cook?

    Imagine you are frying 10 small pieces of meat and that you can fit 5 pcs in your frying pan.

    If the regular levels cooktops have (1-9, 1-12 or whatever) instead represented different levels of temperature. Maybe 12 is 200C and 1 is 40C. When putting the meat in the pan, the stove would then increase the effect to counter the cooling of the pan, and similarly when the first 5 are removed the stove would lower the effect so that the oil won´t burn when your reach for the last 5 pcs. As it is now one has to constantly change the heat levels.

    What do you guys think? Will temperature control take over the regular "effect control" on out cooktops?

    Some of the latest cooktops released in the market come with temperature sensors. One of Siemens latest hobs have both boiling sensors (using IR measuring the side of the pot this way getting the temp of the content) and frying sensors measuring at the bottom of cookware. 

    Have any one of you used these new hobs, if so what do you think about it?

    For everyone else. Do you think this will change the way that we cook? Will we soon look up the desired temperature of the pan for frying certain cuts of meat and know at what temperature to best simmer a stew? I guess it could be quite convenient and also safe and you wouldn't have to adjust the effect so much up and down as much all the time.