Apriums, Pluots

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haven't had Apriums yet,but Pluots i've enjoyed the last few years.

For me the best way is simply eaten out of hand.There so intense and sweeter then plums or apricots on there own.

I know this is not how to spell this,but i've marinated them in slivavits and honey,roasted them and served them over Ben and Jerrys Vanilla ice cream :)

Instead of Roman apple cake i've done Roman Pluot cake.

I would say any way you like to prepare plums you can use Pluots,They have for of the plum color and flavor then the apricot.
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Years ago, they were known only as Dinosaur Eggs, a much more beautiful name than apriplums or pluots. They were so expensive when they first came out that one would expect any produce bin in which they were held to be surrounded by a red velvet rope.

They make great jam and tarts, but past that, and eating out of hand - I can't see much more to do with them.
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