April 2021 Challenge: Fowl Play

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Now that you turkeys have settled down a bit with the puns, time for a quick note. Last day of the month. I'll post the results tomorrow after work, about 24 hours from now, around 8 am Mountain Daylight Time. Some excellent work from the usual suspects, as expected.

Stay tuned!

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And when they wander out into the road they get . . . pillowed!!! A friend of mine down the road a piece has chickens too and white ones to boot. One of his got pillowed by a truck and it looked like a mini blizzard.
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Okay, boys and girls, this is it, the April 2021 challenge is over.

The monthly challenge concept was the idea of eastshores eastshores with the first one taking place in April, 2013, theme was gelatin. So we have had 8 years of challenges, 96 episodes, so to speak. This challenge kicked off the ninth year.

This 97th challenge had 18 submissions from only 7 different contenders. And all of them former challenge winners. Kind of sad to see such low participation numbers, but we did see some great food! And a couple of the entries had me making a batch of chicken paprikash.

butzy butzy posted 5 entries, that massaman curry looked great.

@phatch did a nice looking saag.

mike9 mike9 did some nice soups.

eastshores eastshores chicken and rice looked like some serious comfort food.

I was surprised to see only chicken. I thought for sure someone would do duck breasts, or some sort of roast, grilled or smoked turkey parts. Not really surprised squab and ostrich were no shows.

But the dish that I most wanted to taste was planethoff planethoff 's Peruvian chicken. That's the winning dish for this one.

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Wow! Thank you teamfat teamfat Quite the honor, even though it was a boring boneless skinless chicken breast, it was very delicious.
However, I had to make the Paprikash too. Haven’t had it in years and it looked heavenly.
I have a few ideas for this months competition, and I will post it in a little bit
Congratulations. Well deserved. I really must get back in to joining in for the May challenge.
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